Great access and communications

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is located in the south of the province of Alicante, only 4.5 km from the Mediterranean coast. There are over 20 golf courses less than half an hour away from the complex and a wide range of marinas. It is very well connected by air, road and rail.

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By air: Close to 2 international airports.

  • Alicante International Airport (40 minutes away).
  • San Javier Airport (10 minutes away).
  • Planned Murcia International Airport (20 minutes away).

By road: Highway connection with Madrid, Alicante and Murcia.

  • Alicante (74 km away).
  • Murcia (63 km away).
  • Madrid (400 km away). Less than 4 hours by motorway all the way.

By train: Future high speed train.

  • AVE station in Alicante 74 km away and station in Elche, 45 km, at future date.
  • Talgo/Altaria train: Balsicas station 30 km away.